Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Best Free And Beautiful Photography Mockup Templates For Designers

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A mockup is a design term that is used to describe real size model of any design or device. It’s a preview version of the actual product and is a great way to introduce your final product to the public. This is the collection for you why i collected the best free photography mockup templates from web. In this roundup you’ll see mockup photo templates of iPhones, Macbooks, Sony smartphone, notebooks,business cards, branding elements, coffee cups and many more. Just choose the mockup you like and download it for free!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Create simple game on adobe flash / macromedia flash

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This is the oldest article when i am in vocational high school for the multimedia lesson homework. Let's start. This tutorial is very simple, first open the Macromedia Flash program first such program usually no wide - range version as I use Macromedia Flash 8 Professional. We make it with a standard scale mamakai dokumentnya flash is 550 x 400 pixels and wearing colored background White . Then we make pictures of birds (for the target shooting). Click on the image and select Modify > Convert to Symbol or press F8 , then turn up the box insert name symbol "bird" and select the type of movie clip .

Then click

Friday, June 7, 2013

Top Ten Must Have Qualities of a Freelance Web Developer

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If you are a freelancer then you are a lucky guy because you have no boss  Freelancing is a best thing for a web developer and its the second stage for any web developer. I said second because obviously the first would be to learn programming and convert yourself from a non skilled into a skilled programmer. On one side, freelancing gives you a state of satisfaction but on the other hand you need much care to handle this satisfaction and keep your position maintain.

In this post, I tried to discuss few very important qualities of a web developer which he/she must adopt if they want to be successful freelancer.  Please not that these qualities are not about technical experience of web development but these

Saturday, May 25, 2013

CSS and JavaScript Performance Tips

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Have you ever thought about how many customers you lose by having a slow site? And I’m not talking about file size only, as we rely on browser capacities to understand our code, we need to consider the processing time also.

That’s why sometimes adding a few bites in your code is much better because it save you precious seconds when real browsers or IE try to process your code.

Let’s see a few nice tips on how to improve this:

Helpful Free Online Web Generators For Designers #1

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You know how a coding language can be a lot of pain and learning it is an even bigger one. The good thing is that every now and then there are people who come up with resources that help you along the way of development. Few of these resources are such that you do not have to learn the entire coding of CSS or CSS3 or other equivalents. Moreover, they make your work very easy which is a given because if you are not learning all of it, the job definitely is getting easier. This particular list talks about forty five free online generators for designers. We hope this list proves to be helpful and you enjoy reading the list.